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Blast machine–hydro finish

This has a wide range of utilities. It can be used for cleaning, derusting, smoothing, roughening or polishing parts of very intricate shapes and sizes. It can be used for the treatment of basic materials covered with various coatings and it also suitable for achieving final surface finishing. Corundum is used for blasting and ballotini is used for polishing - both in liquid suspensions with anticorrosive effect.

In contrast with the classic dry blasting, this method has the following advantages:

  • Dustfree operation
  • A surface as smooth as velvet
  • Possibility of polishing
  • Possibility of drawing through of the long (multi-metr) objects, f. e. profiles
  • Very low consumption of grinding material and ballotini


Technical data:



General dimensions l x b x h /mm/

Working area l x b x h /mm/

1200 x 950 x 2150

​​​​​1050 x 650 x 600

1800 x 2146 x 3080

1300 x 1250 x 1000

Air consumption at 0.6 MPa

50-80 m3/h

70-100 m3/h

Consumption of grinding material

0,5 kg/8 h

1 kg/8 h

Consumption of ballotini

0,3 kg/8 h

0,5 kg/8 h


15-25 m2/ 8h

15-25 m2/8 h

Total power input (kW)




400 V 50 Hz

400 V 50 Hz

Weight of the machine /kg/




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