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It serves for the surface treatment of components by grinding, for tip removing, grinding-off, smoothing, rust removing or polishing elements.
This serves for the purpose of separating parts from the tumbling machine bodies. It is mobile, therefore it could be used for several machines of the turbo type as well as the classical rotary drums.
This is used for the drying of parts after last tumbling. They are agreeing in principle as vibrating tumbling machines of type OVK.
This tank is for the recirculation and filtration of the working liquids in closed circuit with the tumbling machine. It is made of plastic so that it can be used both for alkaline and acid liquids.
This is used for the transport of tumbling means and goods. It has tapered and closing flare for sliding on to the filling openings of the machines.
A liquid suspension is used for blasting or polishing that circulates in the closed working circuit. We also deliver the equipment in the rust-free finish.
These machines are meant for polishing, grinding and brushing from a free hand with the help of elastic grinding wheels.
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